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Scientific Organizing Committee

  • Prof. Marianne Faurobert - co-chair (Fizeau Laboratory,University of Nice-Sophia Antipolis , France)
  • Dr. Thierry Corbard - co-chair (Cassiopee Laboratory, Observatory of the Côte d'Azur, France)
  • Prof. Cheng Fang - co-chair (Nanjing University)
  • Dr. Frédéric Auchère (IAS, Orsay, France)
  • Prof. Mingde Ding (Nanjing University)
  • Dr. Weiqun Gan (Purple Mountain Observatory)
  • Dr. Karl-Ludwig Klein (Paris Observatory, Meudon, France)
  • Dr. Philipe Lamy (LAM, Marseille, France)
  • Dr. Jun Lin (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory)
  • Dr. Etienne Pariat (Paris Observatory, Meudon, France)
  • Dr. Thierry Roudier (Midi-Pyrénées Observatory, France)
  • Prof. Han Uitenbroek (National Solar Observatory, USA)
  • Dr. Jingxiu Wang (National Astronomical Observatories)
  • Prof. Yuming Wang (University of Science and Technology of China)
  • Dr. Yihua Yan (National Astronomical Observatories)

  • Local Organizing Committee

  • Marianne Faurobert, co-chair
  • Thierry Corbard, co-chair
  • Catherine Blanc (Fizeau Laboratory, OCA) - Secretary
  • Caroline Daire (Fizeau Laboratory, OCA) - Secretary
  • Monique Dellapina (Cassiopee Laboratory, OCA) - Secretary
  • Catherine Renaud (Cassiopee Laboratory, OCA) - Web Administration
  • The meeting will be dedicated to the memory of our colleague Jean Arnaud, director of the Fizeau Laboratory, who visited China in May 2010. He was very enthusiastic with his starting collaboration on spectro-polarimetric projects. He dramatically passed away in September 2010.

    The 4th French-Chinese meeting on solar physics, to be held in Nice (France), in November 2011, is aimed at stimulating scientific collaborations between groups and Institutes of our two countries, by discussing projects of common interest .

    French and Chinese solar scientists have been pursuing a long-term collaboration, since the first French-Chinese meeting held in Xi'an (1999). The 3rd, and so far last, French-Chinese meeting was held in Shanghaï in November 2005, and a SMESE workshop was organised in Paris in March 2008.

    The micro-satellite project SMESE deepened and broadened an already close cooperation between solar physicists in the two countries, which continues with common research programs on THEMIS, in solar radio astronomy, and space projects including Kuafu and others . China is involved in the project of building a 1meter-class solar telescope, with spectropolarimetric facilities. The experience acquired by french solar scientists through the construction and operation of the Themis Telescope on the Canarian Islands will allow a fruitful collaboration in this project, both on the instrumental and scientific point of view. Similarly, there are common interests in radio diagnostics, with complementary imaging by the Chinese Radioheliograph, presently under construction, and the Nançay Radioheliograph. Studies on Solar-terrestrial relations are also developed by both countries, through solar radio-observations and the monitoring of solar radius and irradiance by the CNES microsatellite PICARD. Site testing in Antarctica are also carried out by our two countries, in Dome A and Dome C, respectively, for solar observations. And there is persisting interest to pursue space activities that were developed during the successful phase 0 and phase A study for SMESE. Extensive work on the interpretation and modelling of solar dynamical processes is carried out in both countries, and is another driver for cooperation.

    Participants from other partner countries are very welcome.

    Main topics for the meeting will include:
    • Magnetic field and polarization measurements and theory
    • Active regions
    • Formation and oscillation of filaments
    • Solar Corona and wind
    • Energetic particles, flares and high energy emission
    • CMEs and space weather
    • Instrumentation

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